about la fille d'O

La fille d’O (meaning daughter of ‘O) is the voice of a generation. In 2003 I, Murielle Victorine Scherre, felt the need to create an aspirational role model. My own shameless Eve, a matriarch moulded after the women who have personally inspired me. The past is filled with women who elevate living into art. I wanted to tune into that frequency of wisdom. To grow from there, as a woman, mother and maker. I missed such a savoir vivre and alike women in both media and fashion. No better place to start a revolution under the soughing skirts close to mother’s womb.

La fille d’O started as a lingerie brand but has become somewhat of a religion. As a woman I felt unheimlich when looking at ‘modern’ lingerie and women in media who were presented to me as role models. This image of the woman felt very out of date and uninteresting for such a innovating business. I myself find true inspiration, one that satisfies my hunger, with the women surrounding me: intelligent women driven by their curiosity and lust for life. Women you don’t see in the media. I didn’t long for vague instructions from a religious point of view but a guide line by women who lived truly. By sharing their stories I hope other women will find the courage to throw off that heavy shell of doubt and shame. La fille d’O is a safe haven where you’re invited to develop your true self. The stories of these women are an inspiration not a dogma. It’s a sea of possibility that nourishes me and captivates me. Where I literally support women in their ongoing work and life so they can write new stories for the next generations to come. This love for the story behind the human is my pencil when I design. I love to create the subtlest of interventions. I addonly what is needed, out of respect for the pure beauty the human body already offers. I work with the wide spectrum of beauty. With the differences that make us unique within humanity, which brings us together.

La fille d’O is avant-garde lingerie that supports your body, whilst empowering your attitude. Without compromises and therefore all-embracing. Like a friend once described it: ‘I am not fierce, yet I belong here’.

Every item la fille d‘O designs must contain all 3 ingredients listed below.

1. Innovation in design

La fille d’O is free of compromise. I am both the owner and the designer of this brand so I don’t have to make concessions on price, quality or originality. This freedom gives us the chance to be a niche brand and to stay one. Our technical background brings our designs to the next level, in which we combine our love for craftsmanship with the latest developments in lingerie design.

2. Smart and clean sourcing

All our resources are crafted both as high-end and local as possible. Up to 70% of our resources are made in Belgium. The other 30% exist of local specialities like French silk and wires, Austrian cotton and German hardware. This way we create a sustainable environment in which both makers and users of our products are supported. I support their talents by using their product in my designs that honour your body and personality. To us this ‘pay it forward economy’ is the only legitimate way of working and realising an innovating product like la fille d’O.

3. An honest production line

Since the start in 2003 we produce our lingerie in Belgium. Our ideas travel from our studio in Ghent to the small factories in exotic Kemmel and Wevelgem. Some of these women have been making lingerie for over 35 years and their skilled hands transform plain pieces of cut-out fabric into our intricate designs that perfectly embrace your body. La fille d’O holds the ‘Handmade in Belgium’ label, yet we don’t call the brand ‘fair trade’. ‘Fair trade’ only covers western brands doing a fair trade with southern developing countries while we produce with the shortest production chain there is: here in Belgium. Since there are so few of us, there is no widespread name to label us. Each one of our seamstresses has the exact same standard of living as we do. She has the same rights and the same wage as we do. Wouldn’t it be strange for a brand that promotes le soutien for women would have its lingerie made by women who are exploited? To us that is fair trade too, maybe even a fairer trade.