Fatal 15 Stay-Up

Noir · Stockings

€ 34.00

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why we love fatal 15 seamless stay up:
the name is quite the give away when pointing out what we love about em. it's stay ups. it's seamless. and they are rather fatal indeed. the silicone strip is so neat they make these stockings cling to your skin like magic. forget those dreaded lace topped stay ups. this is where the nightmare ends. a divine purity for the lover of tighter.

leaves only fascination, not marks.
this revolutionary stay-up nestles up against the skin without seams or edges, making it especially suitable for tight-fitting clothes. the delicate and powdery transparency of the tights leaves a flawless appearance. no edges, no transitions and no seams. exclusive feel with an extraordinarily even look. high elasticity and optimum fit with the use of double-wound elastane in each row. reinforced toe finish for more durability.

teamed up with fire touch & again tempo for ultimate pairing.

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