Quite like

Teint · Monowired bra

€ 150.00

some bras are different than others. quite like is not a bra. it’s not a top. it’s not a work of art. it’s all of the above. i wanted to create a bra with a garment tendency. something that covers a lot of skin and inspires curiosity. when worn under clothes, quite like will invite caring looks. one is not quite sure whether this is the lingerie or the clothes we are staring at. this confusion is underlined by the striking shape of the W monowire. a continuous underwire enabling a more surprising take on classical shapes. the high neck line demands a more sophisticated back. something with a little diagonal play and possibly caressing the shoulderblades. a clean design, something that does not demand to be hidden but holds enough zeal to enchant when accidentally dis-covered. something a whole lot exactly like this. with adjustable contour on the top.
handmade in Belgium with Belgian fabric and trimmings. hardware sourced in Germany and France.

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